March 12, 2018

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Install and Repair Services: Heating & Cooling Systems

Air Temp Heating & Cooling is there for all your heating and cooling problems and needs. We provide expert work on all brands of natural gas and propane furnaces, heat pumps, fireplaces, geothermal heating and cooling, air conditioning units, and central air and refrigeration units. Ask us about our ‘green friendly’ solar panels that provide free power to heat pumps.

We use our experience, training, skills and the latest technology to solve any problem in your heating and cooling system. Let us help your home and business become more energy efficient without sacrificing your budget. Call us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate at 435-637-4468

Air Conditioning Contractors:

Our staff uses the latest equipment to diagnose any problems with your heating, air-conditioning and duct-work. If our tests show that your HVAC system needs improvements, we will go over all of the options with you. Our services are designed to create savings on energy costs and improve your home’s and business’ climate.

Heating Contractors:

Your heating system runs hundreds of hours each year. Routine maintenance can prevent potential problems before they happen. Don’t let the wear and tear on a major part of your home increase your energy costs or decrease the comfort levels in your home.


We specialize in trouble-shooting furnaces. We can repair and service all major brands of furnaces. Whether you need a repair or a new furnace, we use only the latest equipment to evaluate your entire system before recommending any action. When you need a new furnace, we’ll help you decide what system to put into your home. Each furnace is evaluated for burner output, blower capacity and energy efficiency. High efficiency blowers use significantly less energy than the standard blower.

Sheet Metal Work:

As HVAC duct-work specialists, we’re experienced with new and existing construction. We are able to customize duct-work to your specific needs.

Solar Energy Heating:

A solar water heater or a heat pump powered by solar panels can reduce your energy usage. With a gas or electric booster for your solar water heater you can keep your water temperature at the same level year round.



  • Upgrade to Energy-Efficient HVAC equipment and systems
  • Replace your old heat system to Energy-Efficient single Heat-Pump
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Extended Warranties
  • Install few solar panels with micro-inverter and extend it later
  • Ventilation energy recovery (future services)

Energy efficiency

Since the 1980’s, manufacturers of HVAC equipment have been making an effort to make the systems they manufacture more efficient. This was originally driven by rising energy costs, and has more recently been driven by increased awareness of environmental issues. Additionally, improvements to HVAC system efficiency can also help increase occupant health and productivity.  In the US, the EPA has imposed tighter restrictions over the years. There are several methods for making HVAC systems more efficient.

Heating energy

In the past, water heating was more efficient for heating buildings and was the standard in the United States. Today, forced air systems can double for heating and air conditioning and are more popular.

Some benefits of forced air systems, which are now widely used in churches, schools and high-end residences, are

  • Better air conditioning effects
  • Energy savings of up to 15-20%
  • Even conditioning throughout the building

A drawback is the installation cost, which can be slightly higher than traditional HVAC systems.

Energy efficiency can be improved even more in central heating systems by introducing zoned heating. This allows a more granular application of heat, similar to non-central heating systems. Zones are controlled by multiple thermostats. In water heating systems the thermostats control zone valves, and in forced air systems they control zone dampers inside the vents which selectively block the flow of air. In this case, the control system is very critical to maintaining a proper temperature.

Forecasting is another method of controlling building heating by calculating demand for heating energy that should be supplied to the building in each time unit.